1. The ArchAndroid focused on self-realization: realizing your superpower and the things that you’re capable of doing. With The Electric Lady, we’re talking about self-actualization: being the change you want to see. It’s also more personal, more revealing. The new album deals with a new breed of woman. To give an example, I mean Michelle Obama or some of the women I met while performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo in 2011 or Ellen DeGeneres. These are strong, bold women who are taking their stands and not being marginalized. Overall, it’s the connection of core values that makes us a new breed of woman, the things that we believe in – like the nonviolent approach and wanting to make a direct effect on the next generation of women and making sure that we’re saving that next generation of women from marginalization, discrimination and oppression.” 

    - Janelle Monae, Bust Magazine (August/September 2013) 

    Photo Source: Cloutier Remix 

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