1. "The contrast between the Esperanza Spalding that you see onstage and the offstage Esperanza, jazz bassist and singer, was not immediately apparent at breakfast the day after her big sold-out show at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the kickoff of her summer tour. Onstage she is luminous, a major chord of exuberance, swinging behind her stand-up bass, eyes closed, singing to the lights, an evangelist of joy in various cool time signatures. At breakfast, meanwhile, she was soft-spoken and contemplative, almost demure…"

    -“Baby’s Got Bass" by Robert Sullivan, NY Times Style Magazine

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    She is amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing
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    I’m still upset I missed her at unc, ugh
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    Check out our newest DIY’s | Technical Difficulties :( & Side Vents! x MrDIY.info: inventively recreates men’s clothing...
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